Our Projects.

Strewreib Aviation Solutions has managed over 200 successful projects, showing our team's expertise in various aviation services such as CAMO, asset management, aircraft modifications, and logistics support. Our experience demonstrates our ability to deliver high-quality services that meet our clients' unique requirements.

Delivery of Airbus A330 to Spanish ACMI Operator WAMOS + delivery of relief aid to victims of Turkish earthquake.
Delivery to Wamos
Acceptance of this great Bird
Rebranding for Air Belgium
Avion Express Deliveries
Condor returns 4x B767 to lessor Aercap
TUI EMB-195-E2 Cabin reconfiguration
Rebranding for Air Belgium / Crew Rest Modification
Brussels Airlines new lease
Aegean Re-Delivery to Owner
Delivery to TUS Air
Paint Job at End of Lease Transition.
Management and Follow Up "Oil Canning" B737 at MyTechnic
Aircraft Delivery A330 @ Fokker Techniek
AOG Engine Management and Logistic Support
Management of B747 Cargo Repair at Maastricht Airport
Aircraft preparation for long Term Storage.
Engine Replacement AOG Services
Air Canada Delivery A330
Accident Investigation F-50 Sudan-Juba
Aircraft Inspection and acceptance Rio de Janeiro

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