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Delivery to WAMOS / Landing Gear Change Fokker Techniek Woensdrecht


Victor Camba assisted Brussels Airlines with the Acceptance of this great Bird.

The Aircraft of the RED FLAMES and RED DEVILS ! Hope the Aircraft performs better than the Devils


Air Belgium rebranding

Air Belgium is a bold and fresh face in the Airline Industry. They are a richly diverse and open minded company who is rising to the challenge of giving passengers a smooth and enjoyable experience every time they fly. Therefore we are very proud to assist them with the rebranding of the cabin of the A330 CEO Fleet at Fokker Techniek Woensdrecht.


Condor returns 4x B767 to lessor Aercap

Condor (DE) is returning 4x Boeing 767 to the lessor Aercap. Eddy Daniels is performing the Re-delivery audits of these airplanes. Which brings our total involvement with Aercap Projects just over 280 Airplanes.


TUI EMB-195-E2 Cabin reconfiguration

TUI Belgium leased for the first time E195-E2 Embraers (currently TUI flies with the less economic and smaller EMB 190's). Strewreib will assist Aercap with the delivery and the LOPA change- Rebranding of these airplanes up to an 136 Pax Lay Out


Rebranding for Air Belgium / Crew Rest Modification

Asset Management

Brussels Airlines new lease

30 years ago Walter Windey, Eddy Daniels and Jan Bierwerts started their careers at DAT, later re-branded to Brussels Airlines. It is a hughe honnor for all of us that after all these years we still can assist Brussels Airlines with Aircraft Deliveries.


Aegean Re-Delivery to Owner

This year we assisted the owner in the re-delivery of 4x A320 (series) from the same operator


Delivery to TUS Air

Strewreib assisted with the smooth 2nd delivery this year of an A320 to TUS AIR


Avion Express Deliveries

The Third A320 we delivered this year to AVION EXPRESS, a Baltic ACMI Operator based in Vilnius (and Malta)


Paint Job at End of Lease Transition.

Strewreib Performed Several Paint Inspections this Year, From Bare Metal up to the installation of decals and Logo's. With our own equipment we messured humidity, temperature and thickness

Asset Management

Management and Follow Up "Oil Canning" B737 at MyTechnic


Aircraft Delivery A330 @ Fokker Techniek

Proud to Manage the beautiful A330 to Air Serbia


AOG Engine Management and Logistic Support

During Repossesions we need to make sure that logistics are good Controlled, in this case we chartered an Aircraft to bring our Engine to Cabo Verde


Management of B747 Cargo Repair at Maastricht Airport

B747 had serious damage during an Incident at Maastricht Airport. The Owner desided to repair the Aircraft "on-site" and requested Strewreib to Manage the Project.

Asset Management

Aircraft preparation for long Term Storage.

During COVID-19 Strewreib assisted several operators and Lessors to store ( long term Storage) their Airplanes properly.


Engine Replacement AOG Services


Air Canada Delivery A330

Delivery of 5 A330's to Air canada

Asset Management

Accident Investigation F-50 Sudan-Juba

On request of the Operator and the Civil Aviation Authority we performed an Aircraft Accident Investigation in South Sudan


Aircraft Inspection and acceptance Rio de Janeiro

On behalf of Air Canada / ALTON we inspected several A330's ( This one is an ex TAP, parked in RIO)

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