Strewreib Aviation Solutions offers logistics solutions for spare parts and assets, including inventory management, shipping, and warehousing. We have a global presence and strategic locations to ensure quick and efficient delivery of spare parts and assets. Our logistics services are designed to minimize downtime, reduce costs, and meet the specific needs of our clients.

Mission Statement

We will strive for excellence in serving the aircraft owners and operators, we will benefit our costumers by focusing on parts availability, competitive pricing, and costumer service during aircraft transition and operation. Strewreib will continually review the services for improvement to better serve the aviation industry with pride.

Management Services

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Project related BFE Management

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A.O.G. / Emmergency Support Worldwide

If you find your Aircraft Grounded, and you are in need for a certified reliable part, Our STREWREIB RAPID RESPONSE TEAM ( SRRT) is there to assist you 24/7 anywhere in the world.
- Our Dedicated staffed and Managed by Licensed engineers will act proffesional and assist immediatly
- From the smallest Circuit Breaker up to A330/ 350 Reverser overhaul/ Repair, our AOG team (SRRT) will work untill your Aircraft is back in Operation
- Besides our own stock, we have worldwide Partners that constantly are evaluated for availability, Quality and Pricing.
Therefore we can provide you the best Services in:

- Hand Carried Services:
to deliver the part(s) anywhere in the world in the shortest time interval

- Repair Services:
if the Aircraft is undergoing Heavy Maintenance we will try to repair your part at the most economical Criteria without jeopartizing Quality and spending expensive exchange costs, bearing in mind that the Lead-Time is the Trigger
-Loan / exchange: if for whatever reason we need to loan or exchange an unit, Strewreib will do the outmost to keep the cost to the minimum, and we will monitor until the Original Part has been re-installed or the exchange unit has been repaired and Returned.
-Purchase: Due to our Network and Contacts we as Strewreib have very good Rates and Conditions with suppliers worldwide ( Going from OEM to Vendors and Brookers)

Records Storage

In Our Facility we store historical records for Airlines and Aircraft Owners. We scan recordfs if needed and upload them to the Operator / owners Server or our own Server. Historical records are easily accesible while the DFP's are correct stored in our Facility.

Parts Storage and Consignment

From the smallest single -Engine Aircraft up to the Wide Body Airplanes, Strewreib is likely to assist you with your demands in very short notice. Our logistic Department is available 24/7. And ready to deliver immediately to anywhere in the world.

Parts Delivery

On behalf of the Owner/ Lessor or owner we can collect and store all the Parts required for the next Maintenance Check, Inspect them and ship the parts in one shipment to the MRO, Avoiding Last Minute surprises due to missing or damaged Parts.


The Strewreib Aviation Warehouse is strategically located 45 min. from Brussels International Airport ( Zaventem) and 70 minutes from Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The facility contains space for over 10.000 line Items. Through the unique Strewreib System, the Aircraft Parts are packed and stored to provide the Highest degree of protection and Traceability.

Preparation Heavy Maintenance Kits

Support On-Site during heavy checks

We can support your logistics during Heavy Checks or Aircraft Deliveries. We assist you to ship, order, control parts, tooling and equipment for a smooth Maintenance Check. While your team control the daily progress and Quality of the Check, we make sure, the correct Parts and Tooling are on-site on the required moment.

Sourcing Heavy Check logistic material and components

We are ready to increase the Airworthiness and Reliability of your Fleet too.

Partner with Strewreib Aviation Solutions to elevate the performance and safety of your fleet. Our expert team, global presence, and proven track record ensure that we can deliver customized solutions that meet your unique needs. Contact us today to start your journey towards optimized fleet performance and reliability.