Strewreib Aviation Solutions is a specialized provider of Continued Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) services that ensure aircraft compliance and safety. With a team of experienced professionals and EASA Certified Part-Camo status, Strewreib offers a range of CAMO services that include airworthiness reviews, maintenance program development, and more. The company has managed over 200 successful projects and is committed to ensuring that your aircraft remains airworthy and meets all regulatory requirements.


Strewreib Aviation was/is the first "Non-Airline Related"  Airworthiness Management Organisation approved by the Belgian BCAA
This Qualifies Strewreib to be the Airworthiness Compliance Organisation for your Aircraft in Service, off Lease, in Transit or In Storage.

Off Lease Camo Services

STREWREIB AVIATION SERVICES also offers Continuing Airworthiness Management for NON-EASA Aircraft, with Services Tailored to the owners / operators Requirements and the local Airworthiness Authorities at the Country of Registration.

Peace of Mind

STREWREIB AVIATION provides you peace of mind when you Lease or Purchase an Aircraft. STREWREIB will assist you with all Airworthiness Requirements.
Strewreib can also supply all your Maintenance and Management Requirements.

Tailor Made

STREWREIB AVIATION offers Tailor Made Solutions for Costumer needs.
Strewreib can help the clients to ensure Regulatory Compliance while we keep Business Objectives in Focus!

Temporary Aircraft Registration

While the Aircraft is off-lease Strewreib Aviation Services can organise and arrange the appropriate registration.  We have expirience with all the leading Registries. As Strewreib we will advise you on the Best Registry Needs for your asset.

CAMO Approval

Currently Strewreib has the CAMO Approval for:
- EASA: BE-CAMO-0021
2-REG: 2-REG.39.57

Shadow CAMO

For Non - EASA Operators we can act as a shadow CAMO to Keep the Value of your assets to the highest level. Or we can Act as a Shodow CAMO for Owners or Lessors.

Regulatory Services

With our knowledge and good connections with several authorities, we are the partner to assist you in the Registry ( de-Registration) of your Aircraft Worldwide.

We are ready to increase the Airworthiness and Reliability of your Fleet too.

Partner with Strewreib Aviation Solutions to elevate the performance and safety of your fleet. Our expert team, global presence, and proven track record ensure that we can deliver customized solutions that meet your unique needs. Contact us today to start your journey towards optimized fleet performance and reliability.